Five for Friday #9 : With Love

  How is it that another week is over already?!  Didn't the week just start?  Regardless, I'm happy it's Friday again and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Let's start this wrap up off on a happy note:

The TV fast is almost over!!

I'm so excited to be able to watch TV again.  While I have cheated (just a few times and does watching Fixer Upper on YouTube really count?) a little bit, I'm looking forward to being able to just crash on the couch again once the kids are in bed and turn my brain off.  D and I will probably still restrict how much we watch since we both liked how productive we felt in the evenings but at least a few nights a week, we'll be tuning in again.

The next fast, starting this weekend:

D is not looking forward to this one.  Seriously.  He likes beer: he likes to make it, read about it, and drink it.  I think I'll probably be okay with the fast, unless D drives me back to the bottle!

This amazing lady:

Fire's grandmother, my mama here in the Marshalls (called Auntie here on the blog), flew back to Majuro yesterday and I miss her already.  She is a truly a model of what love can be, the best and purest kind of love there is.  I've said before that she and Uncle didn't have to have anything to do with D and I after Fire's adoption.  They could have demanded time with him and limited our interactions at that but they didn't.  They took all of us in, accepted us for who we were and loved us anyway.  A cynical person could say that maybe they felt they had to do that if they wanted to keep their connection with Fire but that doesn't explain how much Auntie loves Water.  She adores that baby!  Auntie is the one that wants to throw Water a kemem, a Marshallese first birthday party, not because he's Marshallese and we should but because he's family, her family, and he deserves one. 
 I will probably never be able to live up to her loving and caring example but I will keep trying. 

We had friends over for dinner twice this week and it was wonderful.  D and I have always enjoyed having people over and food is love language for us so eating with friends is one of my favorite activities.  One dinner was kid-centric and the other wasn't and both were great.  For the first one, I made a different meal for the kids and they got to eat in front of the TV.  The parents ate separately at the table but the conversation was still mostly about the kids and the night was geared towards them.  Everyone had a great time and the evening was a success all around.  The second dinner was about the grown-ups and I loved that too.  Our kids sat at the table with us, ate the same food we did, and weren't the center of attention.  Our friends asked them questions and they were included if they had something to contribute but for the most part, they got to listen to adults discuss things.  I think both dinners taught the kids good lessons about living life with friends and how our family does it.  It's getting harder to organize these dinners as our family grows but I think it's so worth it.

I did a little shopping for myself for once:
I bought a new wallet and purse (both much needed) and they arrived this week.  The wallet is the perfect design for Kwaj and has tons of inside space for storing things and the purse is big enough to hold a book or sewing but not so large that it looks like a tote bag.  I'm so happy with them both and feel very hip when I have them with me.

This has been on my mind lately.  Since our stay here has been prolonged, I would love to get involved again in some way that lets me help others. 

How was your week?  Do you have any weekend plans or anything in the works for Mother's Day? 

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