SDA School Carnival

Last weekend there was a carnival at the SDA school on Ebeye that Fire's sisters attend.  Since I love a good carnival and I knew it was a school fundraiser, I packed up all three kids and headed over with some friends from church.  My kids weren't that into the carnival (they can be really shy in new situations but we're working on it) but they enjoyed watching other kids play games.  Elizabeth and the girls were there and it was great to be able to interact with them in new way- usually we just sit around the house and make small talk but now we were both following kids around, handing out tickets, and laughing about me carrying Water's stroller up and down stairs. 
We had lunch with Auntie and some friends, talked about Water's kemem (how is that baby old enough that we're talking about a kemem!), and caught the ferry back in time for naps.  Definitely a morning well spent!

On the ferry to Ebeye

Sussan (Fire's sister), Fire, Sky, and M, and a great ocean view
Water and my friend Heather

All Sky and Fire wanted to do was watch the games (in the end, I gave all their tickets to Fire's sisters, who actually wanted to play the games!)

Auntie and Water
What family looks like for us

Sack races


  1. You mentioned you are talking about having a kemem for Sky, do you mean Water? I thought kemem's were meant to celebrate the first year of life.

    1. Hahaha! You're absolutely right! I get the kid's pseudonyms mixed up sometimes. I'll correct it right now. :)


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