Ebeye GEM School Carnival

  On Monday afternoon Sky and I headed over to Ebeye a little earlier than usual.  We traveled with a group of our friends to the GEM school for their school carnival fundraiser.  The GEM school is one of the best schools on Ebeye and I was looking forward to seeing it.  Plus it was a girls day out since it was just Sky and I.

On the ferry

Getting her face painted


A view of the new New Beginnings church building part of the carnival from the second story of the school

Look who we saw there- Ms Florina! She was Fire's nanny.  When he started at the pre-school here she took a job as a teacher's assistant at the GEM school.  Sky remembered her and gave her such big hugs.  I showed her pictures of Fire and told her all the things he can do now.  It was great to see my friend again- I wish we'd had more time to talk.

Sky tried most of the games and won eight prize tickets

A view of the church, school, and carnival
  The carnival was a really good time.  It was hot but we stayed in the shade most of the afternoon.  Sky tried most of the games and I think she genuinely had fun once she warmed up to it.  She's started noticing how people stare at her and at us when she's with me and it makes her uncomfortable.  She also doesn't like crowds very much and unfortunately, there were a lot of people at the carnival.  Happily for me, it meant that I didn't have to worry too much about her running off.  Sky had fun in the end and I enjoyed spending time with my big girl.  I love being able to interact with her so much- to have a conversation and to hear what she thinks about things.


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