NaBloWriMo Fail and Some Pictures

  Okay, I'll admit it- this year's NaBloWriMo has been a fail.  I just haven't been able to keep up!  Did anyone notice that I started back-dating some of my posts?  Thanks for enabling me, blogspot.  To make it up to you, below is a little photo-dump of cuteness.  Enjoy!


This Water's godmother, Auntie Mo meeting him for the first time.  Mo is Fire's godmother as well and she and Uncle Paul are the closest things to grandparents that the kids have here now that their Bubu and Jimma (Fire's birth-grandparents) live on Majuro


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    1. He's a gigantic baby- 16.5 pounds and 21 inches at 3.5 months! He's already holding his head up and trying to sit. I think we're going to have an early walker on our hands :)


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