Vegan Accessories?

   Does anyone else have trouble finding gifts for their spouses at Christmas time?  And yes, on Kwaj Christmas shopping happens before Thanksgiving.  I do, because D usually just buys himself anything that he wants so I use a really great website called Uncommon Goods to find him unique gifts.  I headed over there today to see what I might find and right there at the top of the page:

Scroll a little further and there are more great ideas:

And then:

Vegan Accessories?  What!!  The last time I checked, it was called jewelry!  

(For full disclosure: I did actually enter my sister Elizabeth (Fire's birth mother) in this design challenge.  She, and other traditional handicraft makers here in the Marshall Islands, make beautiful jewelry out of traditional materials, mainly from plant fibers and found shells.)


  1. Just to clarify: you're saying that people are choosing to "be" vegan because it's getting easier?
    I think everyone should choose for themselves how to live their lives and don't have anything against vegans. I ate vegetarian for a while until I had to stop when we moved here and I couldn't get enough protein.
    I'll admit that my post was mocking but I don't entirely see the need to name something as "vegan" or "non-vegan" when there are some very obvious ways to distinguish one from the other. Has metal jewelry become "non-vegan" while I've been out of the US? Vegan accessories sound like a point of comparison and judgment to me rather than an inducement towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
    I would really enjoy continuing this discussion with you. Please let me know if I've missed something or mis-understood the reasoning behind this.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to reach out. We are a small accessory company based in NYC and the Hudson Valley.

    Our wallets and totes and card cases all make great gifts. We ship worldwide.

    All our products are Italian-inspired, 100% Vegan and PeTA Approved. In addition to men's and women's shoes and wallets, we also offer interchangeable canvas bags set in vegan leather frames. Our wallets, credit card cases and passport holders all offer RFID identity blocking technology.

    Kindly visit our website and let me know if you have questions. If you would like to feature our line on your site, we'll be happy to send you high res images if you need them.


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