Water at Three Months

Water and Mama at the beach
 That beautiful smile melts my heart!
 Just hanging out with the big kids
Water and his Daddy
  Water turned three months old yesterday!  He's still perfect, and perfect for our family.  We worried about how Sky and Fire would do with another child, especially a baby that needed a lot of attention, but they both adore Water and he loves to be with them.  He's started to fuss when he can't see anyone else but he calms down as soon as he's sitting with Sky or Fire. 
  He's still eating a lot and sleeping all night.  He's almost outgrown his 3M clothes and already sleeps in 6M jammies.  He can hold his head up really well and is already working towards rolling over.  Water has started crying a lot when he's hungry and it's been nice to see him show a little personality because he's usually very even tempered- being the third child he'll need to be able to stand up for himself.
  Even after three months, I can't believe how much we love this baby and how lucky we are to have him in our lives!


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