School Scholarships on Ebeye

  Are you looking for a chance to make a difference in a child's life?  If so, consider sponsoring a child on Ebeye.  There are over 2000 children there who can't go to school because the public schools are overcrowded and their families can't afford to send them to a private school, where tuition is between $60 and $100 a month.
  Giving a child access to education will change their future.  All the schools teach English, which is required to get a job on Kwajalein.  If a child can stay in school long enough to graduate from high school- a feat only managed by 50 students in the public school system last year- the pool of jobs availble to them, both here, on Majuro, and in America.  They may even have the opportunity to go to college. 
  If you would like more information about this great opportunity, please contact Cheryl Johnson at

 The blue and white building is the Seventh Day Adventist Mission School, one of the schools that children will be sponsored to attend

 A very bad picture of Ebeye Calvary School, another one of the sponsorhip locations


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