When typhoon Dolphin hit Guam last week it the edge of it caught Kwaj and caused something very special to happen: waves in the lagoon.  The lagoon here is well protected and while the king tides can cause very high or low tidal changes, there usually isn't much swell inside the barrier of the islands.  Because the typhoon affected the ocean currents around our atoll, we had 4-6 foot waves cresting at Emon beach, something a friend told us hasn't happened in 10 years.
  D and I took the kids down to the beach after dinner and it was amazing.  Sky and Fire lost interest pretty quickly and headed for the playground but D and I watched the waves for over an hour and D got some amazing pictures.  It was a great reminder for us of how lucky we are to live someplace as special as Kwaj.

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  1. These photos are AMAZING!!! So breathtaking!

    1. D's been really trying to hone in his photography skills and these pictures really came out great. I love the pictures he got of our friend and his daughter.


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