Five for Friday #27: Earth's Baptism, D's 40th Birthday, and Every Day Life

High five, friends, we made it to Friday!  This week was a busy one for us, starting with Earth's baptism and ending with D's 40th birthday.  There was a bunch of normal family stuff in between but here are the high lights:

Earth's Baptism
Job and Earth before the baptism

(A funny story about the baptism gown: when I was walking back to the fellowship hall after changing Earth into it, I saw five different ribelle women who all said how sweet Earth looked and how wonderful it was that he was wearing a family heirloom.  Then I walked into the hall and Elizabeth saw him.  The look on her face when she saw the dress was a combination of surprise, shock, and disgust- it was so funny that I actually bent over laughing about it.  We had to have friends reassure her that the dress was an American tradition and we laughed about it the whole day.)
Our family in church before the service

Earth is two months old
and growing- he's up to 10lbs 9oz.  He's eating and sleeping well and still ordered by his older siblings

Earth's getting bigger but he has a while to go to catch up with Fire!


D turned 40 this week!  We kept the party mellow with an open-invite get-together at the house.  D chilled off all the home brew that he had left and we grilled some brats for dinner.  I surprised D with a cheesecake and the party wrapped up around 9pm (we're big party animals here!).
Most of the time our kids are good eaters but one night this week, I had to help all of them eat- which meant that Sky and Fire were on my lap while I coaxed them, and Water sitting next to me, to take bites.  That's life sometimes, right?
After our pack out this week, we're focusing on shopping the pantry.  I promise, it's usually way more organized this but all of our storage bins were packed.  Lentils, anyone?
How was  your week?  Got any good lentil recipes to share (!)?


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