The First of the Lasts

  This past Monday was my family's last Kwaj Running Club Fun Run.  D and I have been participating in the monthly event ever since we moved down from Roi and we've loved sharing it with our kids as they've joined our family (see past posts here).  Sky started doing the 1/2 mile runs last year and Fire did his first one on Monday.
Sky running towards the finish line

Fire was much more blasé about the whole thing

   We usually do the 2-mile run as a family, with D or I pushing the jogging stroller (or both pushing one as our family has grown).  We borrowed a second dually jogger from a friend for this last run so that we could push all the kids around the housing loop one more time.  I had hoped to get a picture of the six of us together at the end of our run but a hungry newborn meant that D couldn't stick around.  I did get a picture of my friend L and I with our 1-year-olds to commemorate the run though:

This is it, the beginning of the end.  On one hand, I can't believe that our life here is really coming to an end and on the other, I'm looking forward to our new one.


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