Packing Out

  One of the benefits of our jobs here is moving service and that includes having a team come to pack up the house for us.  To get ready for them, D and I left the kids with our family on Ebeye for a day and made a bunch of "stay" and "go" piles.  This is the "go" end of the kitchen:

  The packers showed up on time and were very fast- they got the whole house boxed up before 2pm
Unfortunately, it started to rain just as they were about to put the boxes into crates so we were left with a living room and dining room full of boxes.  What to do with a house full of boxes and three wild children?
Make the boxes into a maze!  D made paths and tunnels through the boxes and we let the kids play in it all evening.  It was so much fun for all of them and D and I loved watching them explore and play together

For one game, D and I would throw a spoon into the maze for Sky and Fire to find.  On one of the rounds, the spoon ended up here:

The weather cooperated the next day and the boxes were loaded into crates.  D had a sheet with all the boxes numbered on it and he checked them off as they were loaded

And this is what's left:

  Friends have been asking what it's like to live with so few things and I've been comparing it to a mix of camping and staying at an AirBnB rental that only has half the things you need.  It's okay but you're glad it's not permanent.  Step one of the move down, four weeks until we fly out!


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