Water's Baptism (A Very Belated Post!)

This post has been sitting in my draft file for over 6 months! At first, I was just waiting for a friend to send me photos and then life just took over and it got lost. In preparing for Earth's baptism this weekend, I was looking for the other kids baptism posts and realized what happened. Although Water definitely gets his share of the limelight here, I feel bad that his special day didn't get shared.
One of the wonderful things that the Protestant congregation on Kwaj does is a sunrise Easter service at the beach, with baptisms in the lagoon following the service. It's a really beautiful thing to be celebrating the Savior's resurrection while watching the sunrise and then to affirm other's faith with "island style" baptisms.  We wanted Water to be a part of this island tradition so we waited for Easter rather than having it done sooner.

For Water, it was just another day of looking adorable

Keeping him occupied...

When it was time, we stood in front of the church as a family and promised to raise him in the faith and then Pastor Kevin took him down to the lagoon.




Another prince in the Kingdom (and his paparazzi!)


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