A Day at the Zoo

  Sky had off of school today for MLK Day, so we made plans with friends to hit the zoo.  My kids love zoos and access to one, even a smaller one like Tucson's Reid Park Zoo, is a huge perk of living in the States for us.  It was a beautiful day, Sky's new friend A was there, and there were plenty of bigger kids to love on Water.  We all had a great morning at the zoo and I'm sure we'll be going back soon.


 (this girl did not want her picture taken!)

 Earth was an angel and slept through most of it

 Riding the carousel with A and still hiding from the camera

After our morning at the zoo, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  It was our first time eating at one and even though it was super-crowded, I was really impressed with it.  The manager saw our large group come in, helped us all find tables and then personally took my order since I had so many little kids with me.  The food was brought out quickly and tasted great.  Chick-fil-a, you have some new fans in our family!

What's your favorite day-off activity to do with your kids?  Do you like to make big plans or play it by ear?  Get out of the house or spend the day in your PJs?  As a new SAHM, I could use some tips!

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