You might not have known this but on Kwajalein, the work week is Tuesday through Saturday so the weekend is Sunday and Monday.  Although we got used to it, it felt strange not to have a real Saturday at the end of the week- that first day of the weekend where you sleep late and then putter the day away.  Since our weekends there started on Sunday, we still had someplace to be and it changed the vibe of the whole weekend.
  I'm still getting used to Monday being the first day of the work week but I am loving having a regular weekend schedule and we are making the most of it.  This past weekend was an amazing one.  It felt just like a weekend is supposed to- some laying around, some getting things done, with lots of fun thrown in.

 On Saturday evening we drove up to Tucson under a beautiful winter sunset

and had dinner at a Chinese buffet
 From there we headed to Target to pick up a few things and ended up buying Fire a new bike.  It was all he could talk about when he woke up on Saturday morning.

I did a little cooking (watch for my CSA post this week!)

 while D put Fire's bike together and took him out for a ride
 He's a little nervous about all the rocks but I know riding will come back to him quickly

When Fire was done riding, Earth had a go

Did you happen to see the heavens open and the angels sing around 2pm mountain time on Saturday?  If so, this is why:
These two love each other but just can't seem to play well together.  Apparently Saturday's quiet time was an exception.

For some reason, all the kids woke up early on Sunday morning (really early, 6am early). D ended up taking them for a walk before we went to church so I snatched up the free moment to make a little change to the house:
 It's still just a room with a toilet but now it has some amazing wall paper on the back wall.  My current plan is to add some floating shelves for bathroom necessaries and knick-nacks but I'm having trouble deciding on a color.  Grey?  Black? Off-white to match the design?

We're still trying to find a church that suits us so we tried a new one this Sunday.  Serendipitously, the one we tried was celebrating their 10th anniversary with a huge party that day.  There were bounce houses, climbing walls, and food trucks, aside from the great music and message in the tent.  Even with everything going on, we felt really welcomed and I think we'll be going back there next Sunday.

The kids loved the playground

While the bigger kids napped off their playground-food truck-Christian rock -highs, Earth enjoyed some tummy time in the sun

That evening we drove up to my aunt and uncle's house to drop off a few things
 While we were there, Sky picked some grapefruit
 and Earth got loved on by my Aunt L

After the kids were in bed for the night, I capped off our amazing weekend by putting up the Valentine's Day decorations I've been collecting.  
 Sky was so excited to see them when she woke up (I love being able to surprise her!)

How was your weekend?  Did you get a lot done or just relax around the house?  Have you decorated for Valentine's Day (do you decorate for the little holidays)?

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