A trip to the toy train museum

After the Children's Museum, I think the toy train museum here in Tucson is our favorite place to go.  We went the other weekend and took one of Fire and Water's good friends along for the fun.

 Earth loves trains!  One of his few words is "choo choo!" (always said with an exclamation point!) He was so excited to be big enough to run around with a stool, pushing the buttons and watching the trains run

   The wooden train table was new for this visit and as always, it was a big hit

 The boys also love the Thomas trains and took turns running around pushing the buttons that made the two trains run
We got one of the last rides on the big outdoor train and despite that look on Earth's face, he loved the ride and kept pointing at the train and saying "choo choo!" like he was constantly surprised to find himself riding one.

I love being able to visit the same places year after year and see my kids grow into (or out of) them.  The first time we went to the toy train museum, Earth was a tiny baby in my Ergo carrier and now he's a little boy, following his brothers from train to train.  While we haven't grown out of any of our favorite places yet, I'm looking forward to discovering new ones to fill in the gaps!


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