Zoom Zoom at the Children's Museum

We love the Tucson Children's Museum!  They sponsored a "touch-a-truck" day recently and I took Water and Fire to check it out.  We got there early and the booth run by a pest control company was the only one open but since they had a snake, we headed right over

 Water didn't want anything to do with it but Fire loved petting the scales

After giving the snake back, we stopped by their bug limo

Water made himself at home

They had the right video playing on TV!

The boys tried out a garbage truck,

tried to drive a little front loader,
(Fire is trying to close the door so he can drive it away!)

and sat in every emergency vehicle they could find.

That better be the only time you're in the back of a cop car, mister!

We tried out the racing go-cart,

measured ourselves against the gigantic tires,

found our seats on the bus,

and refused to leave the bookmobile until I'd read them each a book and then checked some out for them.

We stopped to say "Hi" to the Geico Gecko before heading into the Children's Museum to see a few of our favorite exhibits.

It was a great morning in Tucson!  I love that our city is big enough to have these kind of events but small enough that they're manageable and fun for our family.


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