Decorating for Christmas

Since we're going to my mom's house for Christmas this year, we decided to decorate early this year so that we could make the most of the holiday spirit in the house.
The Christmas tree is in the office area this time.  It just seems to fit there but since it's out of the way, the kids aren't paying it as much attention as they did last year.  On one hand, I'm a little sad that they're not as excited about it and on the other, I'm relieved to not have to tell them to stop touching it all the time like I did last year. #momproblems

 In the front room, I put out my holiday pillows, the kids nativity set, and our Christmas books

 The niche in the entryway is decorated with garland and candles

I found this advent calendar at Target this year and thought the kids might like it better than the story one we used last year (the stories were a little long for them).  So far, they're all engaged in assembling the nativity and and the characters, so I think it's a hit.

The centerpiece on the dining room table is the same trees from last year in a basket

Sky thought the shelves needed to be more festive so we strung some ornaments on gold ribbon and she hung them up

I hung a garland and sign in the dining room window seat and Sky decorated the garland with sparkly silver pine cones.

  Just like last year, it's all very simple and very durable.  I want to decorate more but the kids are just too young for it to be worth it.  Right now, this is enough for us to feel like Christmas is coming!


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