This year, I'm thankful for these crazy kids- they keep me busy but they also keep me laughing.

 We kept things low key for the holiday and had a quiet day at the house with some friends.  J has been one of our friends since D moved to Kwajalein and his girlfriend L is super sweet.  The kids love them both and were super excited to spend the day with them.

J and I did the inside cooking (with liquid chef fuel to help us along!)

D smoked the turkey outside with some Earth on hand for quality control

One of J's specialties is fried onions.  He made two as appetizers and the kids devoured them

These two enjoyed come quiet computer time while the little boys napped

I completely forgot to take a before picture of our dinner!
In the after picture, you can see the smoked turkey, stuffing, twice-baked potatoes, and creamed spinach.  For desert we had apple crumble and ice cream.

We attempted a family picture but this was the best we got: missing the baby and including the dog

Our selfie didn't turn out any better...

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of reasons to be thankful!  Ours was sweet and mellow and a fun celebration of our friends and family.


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