It's the Little Things

  It's the little things that make life here so much better, like the care package I got from my mom the other day.  Not only did it have barrettes and headbands for Sky and sewing fabric for me, both things I can't buy here, I found a Pearson's Nut Roll tucked in at the bottom.  They are my favorite candy bars and you can't buy them just anywhere.  My wonderful mom remembered how much I like them and sent one out to me and it made my day.  There was another surprise in the box that was just as great as the candy bar: two terry-cloth beach cover-ups from my mom's best friend.  Sky goes to the pool every week but has had to walk back and forth in her towel.  Thanks to the random kindness of Auntie L, she will be fashionably warm and dry between the pool and school. 
  In a faraway place like this, when even getting mail feels special, it's the little things that make it easier to be happy here.


  1. Thanks for telling me you like salted nut rolls,
    since I live in the pearson nut roll capital of the world, maybe there will be more surprises in the future. Its Halloween again, and that reminds me of your first halloween with us back from Philly, 20 years ago. trick or treating in a blizzard! must be a minnesota thing!
    Love ya, thanks for sending pictures, Love seeing them. Take care, Auntie Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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