Two Buckets

  There's a saying here:  When you get off the plane, you're given two buckets, one for money and one for BS and when one of the buckets gets full, you're ready to leave.  Well last week, one of our buckets got a lot fuller and I'll let you guess which one.
  D has had a lot of abdominal  pain lately, so bad that he has had to take some time off of work.  We initially suspected that his hiatal hernia had gotten worse and that it was time to have surgery on it and when D met with the surgeon here, he agreed and recommended D see a GI doctor in Hono about it.  Well, the CMO (the same guy who wouldn't let us return to Kwaj after Sky's diagnosis) decided he wanted another opinion so D started seeing a GP here.  She really seemed to care, which was nice, and ran every test under the sun.  They didn't find anything, but D was still in pain.  Lots of pain.  She finally agreed to recommend him for surgery as well and he was scheduled to fly out to Honolulu just before Christmas.
  Well, the pain's gotten better recently and when D mentioned this to the Dr, she in turn told the CMO and he decided to rescind D's referral.  That's right, weeks and weeks of fighting for this and they take it back right after it's scheduled.  The doctors here never found any causes for his pain and never actually resolved anything.  It went away on it's own and they feel that that's good enough for them. 
  We really love Kwaj and have been pretty flexible with a lot of the things that make living here a little more challenging, and would have been happy to stay here for 20 years.  But having something like this happen makes me really question this company (the hospital is company-run) and why we should be loyal to them.  If my husband  and I and our work and knowledge aren't worth a measly 3G (and yes, I know that sounds big but compare that to the loss of two good employees) in a plane ticket and hotel bill, than why should we stay?
  Have you guessed which bucket is full yet?


  1. Charmed vs REALITY

  2. LOL! No, really, the rest of our life is pretty charmed but some of the gloss has warn off of this place. This is our second run in with the hospital and we're getting pretty tired of it.


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