What a Great Weekend!

  We all had a great weekend!  Thanks to Christopher Columbus, we had three whole days off and we made the most of them.  D and I both got off work early on Saturday- he stayed home and took a nap and went to the beach by myself.  I layed on a towel in the sand, enjoyed the peace and quiet and read a new National Geographic.  It was fabulous.  After dinner, the three of us headed over to the skate park.  D still does a little skateboarding and Sky loves watching him.  We brought her helmet with us and she actually started doing a little skateboarding, mostly just rolling back and forth, but she held her arms out and hardly fell at all.  Sky and I left shortly after the highschool boys got there but D stayed for a bit and worked on being the cool old guy!
  Sky spent Sunday morning playing with Daddy while I went to church and bible study.  After her nap, we played around the yard and the house as the weather allowed and then had our friend Adam over for dinner.  He and D went to see the Captain America movie and I got to spend a quiet night at home by myself.
  Monday morning was laid back around the house.  My book club met on the back porch- we had bloody mary's and mimosas and discussed a biography of the band Queen.  That afternoon we took Sky to the beach and then spent the evening hanging out with some very good friends, who happen to be the parents of Sky's best friend.  It was really relaxing to just sit around and talk with them about parenting and life on Kwaj. 
  Tuesday was a big day for D and I: we ran in the Kwaj Running Club Columbus Day Runabout, a 6.5 or 13 mile run around the island.  We did the 6.5 and I think we were the only family that ran with their kid.  We ran then entire thing and finished in 72 minutes.  Neither of us had ever run that far before so we were pretty proud of ourselves that we did it.  Sky's favorite part of the run was the donuts afterward :) 
  We don't have any pictures of the wonderfulness that was our weekend but take my word for it, it rocked!


  1. Book club too!!?? I think we must be two peas in a pod (except for the running part. Don't know that I'm quite on board with that one.) Sounds like a great weekend.


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