Big Changes for Sky

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had hoped to hire a nanny to watch the new baby once he or she comes home. Shortly after we announced our next adoption, some friends approached us about hiring their nanny. Ms Florina is related to one of the teachers at the school and started working at a nanny once her youngest child started school. She had worked for this family for two and half years and they thought she was wonderful and wanted to make sure she had a job once they left. Well, we've hired Ms Florina and Sky is staying home with her in the afternoons now. Unsurprisingly, it's been a rocky start so far.
Ms Florina came over on Monday afternoon and was there when Sky woke up from her nap. Sky wasn't very happy about that and was pretty upset when we left her alone with Florina for about a half hour that day. Yesterday was Ms Florina's first day picking Sky up from school and it didn't go that well. Sky would probably still take two naps a day if she could, so she's pretty tired by the time she goes down for her nap after lunch. Even though the teachers tried to keep her awake yesterday, she fell asleep but woke up while Ms Florina was taking her home. Apparently she spent the entire afternoon either crying or laying on the floor "pretending to be dead". Hmm. I hope today goes better!
Sky LOVES school and we knew that this would be a difficult transition for her. Because of that, we made the decision to move Sky to part time before the baby came home so that she didn't associate Ms Florina and the loss of school time with the baby coming- she's going to be jealous enough and we didn't want to add to it.
A wonderful bonus to hiring Ms Florina is that she has agreed to speak to Sky primarily in Marshallese and to teach us the language. I've already learned some new words and will continue to update my Marshallese Vocabulary post as I learn more words.
It took a week or so for Sky to adjust to going to school after staying home with me all day but she did adjust and I'm guessing this transition will go the same way. Do you have any suggestions for easing toddler transitions?


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