Thoughts on Home

    D and I love Kwaj.  We live on a tropical paradise where life has been shaved down to the simplest of things.  We both love our jobs and we're very happy with the school that Sky goes to.  We talk about staying for 10-20 years and raising our family here.  But this isn't home.  We talk regularly about when the next time we'll go home will be and when someone goes back to visit family in the states, we ask them how long they'll be home for.  After living in Omaha for two and a half years, I would tell people that that's where I was from and even though I've lived here for that long, home is still someplace else.  It's not just D and I either.  There was an article in the paper last week about a man and his wife who had lived on Kwaj for 45 years and were going back to Hawaii, going home.
  I don't know if it's the because of the contract nature of the work or because we can't buy homes here.  Maybe it's because it costs at least $1000.00 to go anywhere from here but this isn't a place that people call home.  I wonder if it will be different for Sky?  If we do stay here for 20 years, she will live here her entire life before going to college or the military.  Will this be home for her or just someplace that she lived?


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