What to do on afternoon off...

   Last week I had an afternoon off from work, a whole 4 hours of time to myself before I had to pick Sky up from pre-school.  What to do, what to do?

 I stopped at the library and picked up some books,

 baked a couple loaves of bread,

 made some yogurt

 and then headed to the beach (yes, I brought four books to the beach).

 This baby fairy turn was sitting on the branch I set up next to.  I didn't even see him until I had to scoot my chair out of the sun.

 Why was I at the beach?  To shore-guard for D while he went kiteboarding.

 D took lessons while we were in Thailand and is getting pretty good at it.

And somewhere in all that "relaxing" I found the time to marinate, truss, and rotisserie a chicken for dinner!


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