Slices of Life

What is that, growing in the really ugly looking succulent?

 A pineapple!

This is Skys reaction to all loud noises (including the vacuum cleaner):

We went to a Leap Day birthday party last night and took Sky.  I'm still not sure if that makes us cool parents or if it makes us "those people", but either way, Sky had a great time.  She just learned how to make the peace sign with her fingers and spent the entire evening showing everyone.  They had a really great band play and Sky was having so much fun listening to them that she didn't want to leave.  Happy Birthday Bill and David!

 Me and Bridget (who sang a rockin' cover of "Crazy")

 Skyand Monte flashing the peace sign

There we are

 Yup, that's us too!

What a cutie!

I finished another cross-stitch project yesterday, another remake of a piece I'd made before.  This one was a commission that someone on island had asked me to do.  She liked the original:

but wanted more brown:
I kind of wish I'd made the round frame a little darker but overall I think it looks pretty good.  


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