Potty Training Update

  I had a talk with Sky's teachers yesterday and we've decided to go back to pull-ups.  It would have been nice to have her potty-trained by the time the next baby comes home but she's not even two and a half yet and we're not in a hurry.  Sky just couldn't get the hang of knowing that she had to use the potty and was peeing herself all the time.  I think part of it was stress and part of it was that she just wasn't ready.  On the upside, she did recognize that she was wet every time that she peed herself, which is a huge step forward.  I think we'll take another whack at potty training in 3 months or so but until then, we're going to roll the carpets back out and let Sky play inside again.


  1. Don't sweat the potty training. Kailee is turning 3 in April and we just started a couple of weeks ago. It will happen when Ciela is ready ;-)


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