A Trip to Ebeye and the Manit Day Celebration

  In an interesting redo of last year, we went to Ebeye on Manit Day last weekend.  One of the groups that I teach English to, Youth to Youth in Health, was holding an art show and we decided to make a morning of it. 
 This is the new ferry to Ebeye.  It's loud and doesn't have AC but it's faster and more comfortable than the old landing craft that used to be used as ferry

 My cutie pie didn't want her picture taken

 We had told Florina that we would be coming over for the art show but she surprised us and met us at the dock.  Her family hasn't met Fire and she wanted to take him home with her for a while.   Don't judge me, but man, was I glad she did.  I'd forgotten to bring his sling and D hadn't come with me.  It was really nice to just have the morning with Sky and to know that Fire was getting a lot of love from one of his favorite people (and her teenage daughters!)

 The young men in the Youth to Youth in Health Art Program painted this mural at the entrance to the Mon LaMike bar where their classes are held.  This is also where I teach English.

 The SDA school on Ebeye.  Class was in session but as soon as they saw us with our cameras, the students rushed to the window to have their pictures taken.

Sky's first freezy-pop = happiness

 Me and my girl

 The art show in front of the Mon LaMike

 I bought these shells there
 And this painted float

 An Ebeye street scene. 
That's my good friend Paula carrying Sky. 

It was a fun, but hot, morning and everyone crashed for naps once we got home

This lucky girl got a little candy bar before we headed out to the Manit Day Celebration at the Marshallese Cultural Center

I love the dancing! 

See Sky sitting there on the edge of the platform?  That's the exact same spot she was in last year (and in the same dress, come to think of it...).  She really, really wants to be up there dancing! 

  Besides the dancing, there were demonstrations on rope making, weaving, fire starting, and coconut opening.  They had tables of traditional foods like pandanus, coconut rice balls and big vats of coconut drink.  We had a really fun time and it was great to share it with Sky, now that she's getting a little older and understands a little more.  


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