Feeding Fire: An Ironic Solution

   I've been doing some more experimenting with baby food for Fire (like I talked about in this post) and have had several failures and a tiny bit of success. I have tried pureeing the meals that we eat (beef short ribs with mushroom-barley pilaf and lamb with rice and veggies) and have been able to get a few bites into him but neither of those have been a big winner. I did have some success with pureeing canned veggies (mixed peas and carrots) which is leading me to believe it's a texture thing. Maybe he's still not ready for chunky food? D is advising me to let this one go and for once I might. But only because of something that happened on Ebeye last night.
   Yes, you read that right: I may have found a way to diversify Fire's diet on Ebeye, an island that has been called "the slum of the Pacific". On a whim, I took some money with me when I went over to teach yesterday and I stopped in the grocery store after class. What did I find next to the baby formula (the three different varieties of baby formula- be still my heart!)? Baby food- lots of baby food! They had stage two meals (meat and veggies), fruit blended with oatmeal, green veggies, carrots, turkey with gravy. I was practically giggling as I grabbed two of everything. Believe me, I appreciate the irony of the fact that I can buy what I need for my son on an island without a sewer system but not on the one right next to it that exists as a little slice of America.


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