A Good Evening

  Yesterday night was a good evening.  We really needed it.  We had company over the weekend and while it was great to meet new people, it threw us out of our groove.  Plus, Sky has needed a lot of attention lately.  We think she's about to make another one of those mental jumps forward because she's needed a lot more re-direction than usual.   D has had a bad cold and recently Fire came down with it so both of them are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.  D is putting in a lot of hours at work and my soccer schedule takes me away from home for a lot of evenings.
  But last night, no soccer, everyone home at a reasonable time, nothing more pressing on the calendar than a quick meeting with my co-teachers.  D wanted to cook so while he made us chicken ceasar wraps, I played with Fire and Sky on the porch.  Fire loves being in his "Johnny Jump Up" lately so he played in that while I spun Sky in her swing.  Everytime she came by me, I tickled her and she was just giggling her head off.  After swinging we tickled Fire and then drew pictures for him to look at with chalk. 
  Dinner was great- for some reason Sky hasn't been eating much lately but we were able to get a few bites into her.  Fire's cold made him so tired that he needed a nap so he rode around in the Snugli while I did the dishes and then D fed him while I gave Sky a bath.  Our weekend guests brought Sky some bubble bath and with that as her treat after washing, baths have gone a lot better with a lot less fighting.  Then it was bedtime for Sky and Fire and I headed to my teachers meeting.
    We've felt kind of buried under the demands of parenting and keeping up with the house and having that weight has made it harder to be nice to each other and the kids.  We need a few more of those evenings, when we really have time to just enjoy each other.


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