Another Wittlebee Box

   We got our last Wittlebee box in the mail yesterday (to read why we won't be using the service anymore, see this post).  Even with the mail delay we've had lately, it only took about two weeks to get here, so again, points for fast shipping.  This box was for Sky.  Since she doesn't need any clothes right now, I ordered these clothes in 4T to be stored until she grows into them.  Here's what came in Sky's box:

   Sky got two T-shirts, one outfit (tunic top and leggings), a dress, and a jumper.  On the whole, I like the clothes that we got for her.  What I don't like is that I specifically typed "Nothing white", those exact words, into the "Stylist Comments" section and what did we get? Two things that are very white (and one that's practically white).  I also typed "No pants" and we were sent leggings.  I understand that you can send things back but since that would be a hassle for us, we're going to keep these items.  White clothes just can't stand up to Sky- that girl is fierce with markers, food, anything that can leave a mark will make it onto her clothes.  And I had to trick her into pants last night.  Hopefully by the time she grows into the leggings, she'll actually want to wear them.

  One other issue with this shipment, that we didn't have with Fire's, is the size disparity.  Apparently one brands 4T is not the same as anothers.  The polka-dot dress and blue T-shirt will be put in a box for later but Sky can wear the blue jumper and the "Peru" T-shirt now.  Those things are going to be saved for our trip to the US.  I'm actually kind of glad that the jumper is on the small side because now Sky will have another "winter dress" to wear when we're in the states (note to self: must purchase turtleneck and tights). 
  This tunic and leggings outfit isn't one that I would have picked out for Sky myself but I think it will look great on her, against her dark skin.  One of the benefits of this clothing service is that you get things you might not have picked out yourself.  If we ever come into, forty extra dollars a month, we'll probably start using the service again, but for now, that's the last of Wittlebee for us. 


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