Back Home

We're back on Kwaj and trying to get back in our groove.  Does anyone else feel like coming home from a vacation can be anticlimactic?  As a family, we spent the last week or so looking forward to getting back to Kwaj, to our home and friends, and imagining that transition smoothly back into our lives.  But for some reason, the first day home was really stressful, filled with half empty suitcases, piles and piles of laundry, an empty fridge, and over tired babies.  It happens every time we travel- even before we had kids it was like that.  I don't know why I think it will be different all of a sudden. 
  For some reason, probably just a date miscommunication, Florina didn't show up the first day that we were going to go back to work, and that actually turned out to be our saving grace.  D had extra vacation time so he stayed home with Fire and started to get things done at the house.  He did laundry and dishes, unpacked and put away the suitcases, did some more grocery shopping, and generally got our house in order. 
  Sky is doing great now that we're home.  She's back to where she was in her potty training (we had severe regression in that area while we were on vacation) and is talking up a storm.  I think she's talked more since we've been home than she did during the whole last week.  She's back to school and happy to be there.  We haven't had any issues with bedtime or monsters and we're very grateful for that. 
  Fire is back to not wanting to be put down and has to have one of us in sight at all times.  I had expected him to just take off and explore the house now that he can but he would rather sit on our lap and take it all in for now.  He's getting better as we go and I think having Ms Florina home with him today will really help.  He was ecstatic to see her this morning- he just laughed and laughed.  Since he's getting so big physically and is sharing a room with Sky, we've decided to start sleep training him at bedtime (we didn't want him to be able to crawl out the crib before he was used to falling asleep on his own).  We've done it for the last two nights and he's done great.  We use the same routine that do with Sky: jammies, teeth, a book or two, one or two songs, prayers, some rocking and then into bed.  The first night he cried for about 15 minutes and when we check on him at 10 minutes, he was already sitting instead of standing in his crib.  Last night he took less than 10 minutes to fall asleep, and both nights, he's slept through the entire night- something he has struggled with doing since he came home.  I hope, hope, hope this works!
  D and I are back at work and glad to be here.  We both love our jobs and there's lots to do since we were gone for so long.  We're starting to make plans with friends and are looking forward to doing the little things that make Kwaj fun.  It's good to be home!


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