What Didn't Happen on Vacation

  So many things happened on vacation, both good and bad, but the one thing that I worried about most didn't.  I agonized over how we would handle stranger's interest in our family; what would we say if some asked if "they were ours", or about their stories.  What if something like this happened?  I considered having ID bracelets made for them, in case Sky decided to run away like she does here, but ran out of time before the trip.  I had pictures of both kids, their passports, and all of their legal paperwork with me at all times, and it occured to me as I was putting it back in the safe box last night that I never needed it.  Of course, we needed their passports to get in and out of the country, but that was it. 
  No one ever questioned whether Sky and Fire were really ours.  When our kids were melting down in public, no one accused of snatching them.  No one made disparaging remarks about adoption or said anything racist.  No one even looked sideways at us.   Thank you, America, for accepting my family for what it is.


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