Time With Family

 We have been filling the days here in Kansas with family time.  It's been great to see everyone- I'm so glad we had the time.  D's mom drove out and has stayed at a hotel nearby for a few days, we had a get-together with D's mom's family and we made the drive to Abilene to see his great-grandma as well.  In the in between time, we've been spending time with D's dad and step-mom.  This is the sort of thing that we come home for.

Exploring around the river by Cottonwood Falls with Nana Jo

What Sky likes about road trips:  gas station straws and posing on a miniature rhinoceros:

Sky and Fire with Great-Grandma Velma

 We hit the Pizza Hut for lunch

   We had a get together at a nearby church so that D's mom's family could meet Fire and see Sky again (we'll be seeing his dad's family just before we fly out).  It was really relaxed and a great time.  I always forget how much I love seeing his family.  I spent most of the time hanging out with Jill, D's cousin's wife while we watched our kids play.  D caught up with family and Fire tested some new shoulders for their nap-abililty.

Sky and Grandma Candace have read so many books together!


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