Korea: Catching Up With Good Friends

We stopped in Seoul on our way home from Thailand and while we there, we made a trip an hour south to visit some good friends from Kwaj that had been stationed there.  Their family was only on the island for about a year and half but during that time, Fire got to be best friends with their daughter A.  That brought our families closer together and M, A's mother, and I got to be good friends.  When she and her husband decided to look into adoption, we were able to help them through the process.
  Back in Phoenix, when our trip was starting out so horribly, it was friends like these that D and decided we just couldn't miss seeing.  I'm so glad we pushed through all that and went on the trip because the day and half we spent with them was one of the high points of it all. 

We missed our train and the kids had to entertain themselves in the station while we waited for the next one

M and I with each others baby boys

Fire with his bestie A

Two fistfuls of babies!

Everyone crowded around a movie

Two families, seven kids!


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