Little Planes

A friend from D's work has been asking him for some help on his plane and he invited all of us out to the airfield to see it.  I was expecting to see Cessna-size airplanes and was surprised to see  stripped-down ultra-light planes instead.  The kids loved the "little planes" and fought over who got to sit in them.  The boys loved seeing the engine strapped on top and Sky kept admiring the paint jobs (there's a discussion about built-in gender identity there...).
  D's friend's plane isn't quite ready to fly yet but there was another pilot at the airfield that day and he offered to take D up for a short flight.  D was really excited and even got to fly the plane for a little while. 
  We love exploring Tucson and finding this little airfield and it's "little planes" was another great experience for our family.

  Sky and D's friend walking out the airfield (see the plane behind the bushes?)
The plane D flew in.
 I didn't realize it when I took the picture but I caught it right in front of our truck so you can see that the planes are only a little bigger than our Excursion.


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