Thailand: Wedding Time!

M and P, the kids' godparents, were married in the courtyard of the resort that we were staying at.  It was lush and green and the perfect setting for an intimate wedding.  Sky was the flower girl and Fire was the ring bearer. 
Sky was nervous about being in front of people but was excited to wear a pretty dress and be in the wedding.  Fire took some convincing to even wear his suit!  He didn't want to walk down the aisle at all and in the end, I had to tell him a story involving the "magic" pillow that he had to take to Uncle P to protect him from zombies.  Sky did a great job with her flower petals and Fire walked halfway down the aisle before he stopped completely, did a funny dance, and then ran to Uncle P.  We'll call that a win since he got the rings down the aisle!

  It was a wonderful ceremony and we're so happy for M and P.  We've known them for over 7 years and it's been so great to see their relationship grow over that time.  I'm so glad they are our children's godparents and so grateful they included Sky and Fire in their ceremony.  Congrats, newlyweds!

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