Thailand: Back to Bangkok

After a quick flight south from Chiang Mai, we were back in Bangkok for the day before flying to Korea.  We spent the day doing things we knew the kids would enjoy: the aquarium and the Children's Museum.
  The aquarium is actually in the mall and I took Sky there when we were here a few years ago.  All the kids love aquariums so it was a big hit this time too.  We didn't get many pictures because the kids were all over the place and it took both of us to keep up with them!

Our driver tried to teach the boys the "wai", the traditional Thai greeting, while we were getting tickets.  This is the best version:
Kneeling on the glass floor watching for sharks and rays

We tried the regular side of the Children's Museum but it was set up for older kids- I think Sky at almost 7 would be the youngest that would enjoy it.  Towards the end of the morning, we found the little kids room and the baby room and we could hardly pry the kids out of them when it was time to leave.  They both had a variety of activities that were just right for the 0-2 and 2-7 age groups and if we went back, we'd skip the main museum and head right for those areas instead.  The playground is also fun and there's a small splash pad as well.

Astronauts at the Children's Museum

Running the store:

Earth loved the baby room!



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