Playing Catch Up: Making the most of Saturday

I found this post from the end of September with all it's pictures and none of the words.  Things were pretty busy then and it looks like I just never got it finished.  I usually let posts like this go but it was a really fun, busy day.  I love that there are so many new and different things to here in Tucson.  Kwajalein was great for our family but there was no way we were going see a soccer game, a children's concert, a reptile show, and then do a drive through the desert there.

  If you ask Fire, he says he loves soccer and wants to keep playing but this is how he looks every Saturday

  And this is how his games look
Well, he's four.  At least he didn't pick his nose on the field this time!

 The Tucson Symphony Orchestra offers free children's concerts every other month.  Sky loves music and I'm hoping the other kids will too.  At this show, they had a string quartet and a narrator and used the instruments to tell stories.  It was a lot of fun and I'm hoping we can make it to a lot more of these shows.

Balloons after the show

 We had a picnic lunch in the truck and then headed over to the reptile show.  I hadn't done quite enough research on this one so I didn't realize that the show wasn't free and that the petting zoo inside the show wouldn't be free either.  Naturally, there weren't any ATMs nearby but between D and I we were able to come up with enough money for two adult tickets and the people at the door let the kids in free.  I felt really bad about the petting zoo but there were a few free exhibits, like petting alligators:

And any empty space can be turned into a race track

We had maxed out the morning and all the kids were ready for a nap so we decided to take the extra long way home and detour through Saguaro National Park.  D and I both love the desert and the drive was beautiful.  The diesel engine lulled everyone but us to sleep so we got to talk, real grown up talk, on the way home, which was beautiful too.

  These are the days!  I miss our island so badly sometimes but days like this make up for it in a big way.


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