Answered Prayer: Earth's First Day of School

  This whole situation is hard and there have been some very uncertain and scary moments but through every step Earth and I have taken on this journey, I have felt God's love and protection.  My friends, let this be a little bit of testimony to God's love for this little boy: Earth started preschool on Kwajalein today.  People who could have said no to this have said yes and very quickly when they could have dragged their feet.  People in high up places who normally wouldn't even be aware of us know about our situation and are tracking our paperwork and making sure it gets approved.
  So many prayers have been answered: We've been able to stay on Kwaj for the whole four weeks of our vacation pass, we were able to stay in a friends house which gave Earth a little bit of "normal" in all this, we were able to secure an excellent apartment on Ebeye, I was able to get a job that's perfect for me and our situation (y'all, I work in a library!), I was able to get the level of base access badge that I needed after initially being denied, Earth was approved for preschool, and I have been approved for a base meal card and a PO box.
  Earth and I are nothing amidst billions of people but God has heard our prayers and those of everyone praying for us and has answered every one.  We don't deserve His blessings but have been showered with them.  I'm felled by His love for my son.


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