On Saturday, we let the ferry leave without us and headed to the beach to kick off our weekend!

   We had a picnic dinner, Earth met some new friends, and I caught up with some old friends.  We used to spend every Saturday evening at the beach when we lived here and it was great to be there again with friends enjoying the sunset and watching the kids play.
Long days at school and fun evenings at the beach make for a tired boy!

  Sunday morning started out stormy but Earth and I had a nice, slow morning at the apartment, cleaning and playing
When the internet went out unexpectedly, we packed up our things and caught the ferry to Kwajalein so we wouldn't miss this:
  A video chat with Daddy and the boys!  It's not a great picture but it was so wonderful to see them and get to hear about their first week of school. 

  After church and lunch, we picked up some snacks and headed to the beach with friends

  The long week caught up with Earth again while we were packing up

We spent the rest of the day taking it easy at our friends' house, watching a movie and having dinner together.

On Monday, we spent time at Elizabeth's house practicing Marshallese (me) and playing (Earth) before we headed to Kwaj for a late brunch and playtime at my friend L's house.  
That afternoon, Earth and I got to watch a plane come in at the airfield and one of my best friends and her family got off.  It felt so good to be able to give K a big hug and I can't wait for us to be able to spend time together again.
K, myself, and L at the beach with our babies in late 2014.  I sure have missed these ladies!  


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