Moving Day

Good morning from Ebeye!
 Earth and I moved into the apartment yesterday and spent our first night there.  This was my view from the dock as I waited for the ferry to work

  Earth and I have an efficiency apartment at the Pacific Wellness Center.  It's one of the newer buildings on island and has it's own water system and solar power

The room is small but it's enough space for the two of us.  We have a trundle bed

and Earth thinks that it's pretty awesome that his bed "hides" every morning.

   I've since added a hot plate but otherwise, this is my kitchen.  Like the apartment as a whole, it's small but functional.  I won't be cooking any gourmet meals here but I'll be able to throw together some spaghetti for dinner.

   You know that smile you get when you ask your three-year-old to say "cheese"...

The bathroom was one of the real surprises in this apartment:

  The shower is nicer than my shower at home but unfortunately, there's no hot water!

 Earth loves his play area under the stairs and is already making himself at home

  The view from my balcony is pretty awesome!

 One of the first things I brought over to the apartment was books for Earth and I- D teased me that my new apartment has more books than food but I don't see anything wrong with that!

Look what arrived yesterday!
I mailed my sheets and blankets and they came in the mail just in time to use them.  I was starting to get worried because the tracking data hadn't been updated recently.  I'm still hoping that I'll be able to get a PO Box on Kwajalein but it's nice to know that if I have to use the Ebeye post office, it's relatively reliable right now.

  As Earth and I settle in, I'll share more about our daily life and about life on Ebeye.  Feel free to let me know what you'd like me to write about.  I'm thinking of doing posts about grocery shopping, schools, churches, and the hospital.  Anything else you're interested in?


  1. Great post! Where are you working? What does Earth do while you work?

    1. Thanks, Peniel! I'm working as an administrative assistant for the recreation division of the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation department on the base. I mainly answer phones and handle computer business but I also help with party reservations and rentals. Earth was initially staying with Mama Elizabeth but now that I have my contractor badge, he's allowed to attend preschool on the Army base.


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