A Good Weekend

 Of course it was a good weekend!  It started out with these:

 D said that this was like trying to build Tokyo while Godzilla was attacking.  TFire was called Fire-zilla for the rest of the weekend.
 Guess who has discovered the stairs?
D worked on the bikes this weekend

 Fire worked on Sky's bike
 And then Daddy helped him out a bit
Sky had the camera for these:


Maybe we let our babies have a little too much freedom?
Don't worry- I brought them back to our patio right after I took the picture
This man is magic at nap time!

  We had a three-day weekend here for President's day and we spent most of it together as a family.  D went kiteboarding a few times, I got a good, long ride in on my racing bike, we did some cooking and eating, did some yard work, I did some rearranging (pics to come), we took naps, and generally had a good weekend. 


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