General Cuteness and a New Bike

 Who would have thought it?  Harley and Escher on one lap. 
And it lasted about as long as it took for me to take the picture.
Sky has been laying on top of Fire for some reason lately and telling her not to do it hasn't stopped her, so we tried something new yesterday.  We told her that she had it backwards, that Fire rides on Sky, since she's bigger than he is.  And it worked! fire got his first horsey ride and Sky got to be a great big sister.  Win-Win!

This is Sky on her first bike:
 She's 14 months old and that is the tiniest trike ever
And now look at my big girl!
 She was having trouble getting around on her first real bike and would get mad when she couldn't keep up with D and I, so we sprang for a big bike with 16-inch wheels.  She loves her bike and never complains about riding anymore.
There she goes!

Off to school with Daddy.
Oh, and this post from HaHas for Hoohas is the funniest thing I've read this year.  Yes, it's only the start of February, but check it out, it's still a funny post.


  1. I think you forgot the link to the funny post. Unless you're saying that YOUR post was the funniest post all year. Which, I would have to disagree with. Maybe the cutest post, but I don't know about funny. You might be reaching there. ;)

  2. The link works, I just tried it... Click on the the words "this post" and it'll take you there. I'll make the link bigger and more obvious shortly though :)
    And you're right, definitely more cute than funny- look at those baby smiles!

  3. Your kids are adorable! I love the trick to get your kiddo to not squash her brother. :-)

    1. Thanks! The "Teshie sits on you because you're bigger" only seems to be working about 50% of the time, but that's better than 0%, I guess. It really won't be too long until he's bigger than Ciela and then we'll just have to see who rides on who!

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