My wonderful friend Sandra just sent me these pictures.  They were taken in September of 2011 and she just found them when she was cleaning up her computer.  David and I had taken Sky up to Roi for the weekend and we were hanging out in a friend's room.  I love looking at these pictures and remembering Sky when she was this little, about 20 months old.  At the time, she seemed so big to me, almost two, but now, having had Teshie from a infant and seeing how big Sky is now, I can see that she was still such a baby.  I love looking at her round face and her chubby fingers and her smile (she didn't even have all her teeth yet!). 
  I also love that these pictures were taken over a span of about 10 minutes and they show us playing spontaneously.  I've been worrying lately that I've been too hard on Sky, that I expected too much from her too soon and pictures like this remind me that it hasn't been all been teaching good behavior and time-outs.  We cuddled and tickled and laughed in there too.


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