Weekend On Roi

   It's kiteboarding season here and the winds and tides were looking pretty perfect for it up on Roi this past weekend.  D and I hadn't been up there since before Christmas so we decided to make a weekend of it.  We had a great time!  We usually do but this one was especially great, and much needed.  Sky was in a good mood most of the time and we had so much fun playing with her.  She hardly ever acted out and when she did, it was usually because she was hungry or tired.  Fire was his happy-go-lucky self and charmed the pants off of everyone on Roi.
  We played, we ate, we napped, we rode in carts, had fun at the beach, and caught up with good friends.  It was a perfect weekend away as a family and while we were all pretty tired from it this morning, we also felt really refreshed and ready for the week.

 Just hanging out
Sky loved climbing this tree
and Fire loved eating dirt
Sky is bound and determined to get this Big Sister Thing figured out.
 She tries to carry him around
(even though he only weighs 4 pounds less than she does and tries to escape every time)
They play patty-cake

 and she gives him hugs, whether he likes it or not
A Roi pack-n-play

Letting Sky and Fire loose in our friends room

While D went kiteboarding with Gene, Sandra and I took Sky and Fire out to feed the chickens.  The Cheez-its were a hit

Maybe too much of a hit?  The started chasing us when we drove away!

D and Gene kiteboarding in the pass

Sky: not impressed
Fire: not impressed

Sandra and I

After lunch and naps, we hit the beach
Sky munched on coconut

and collected hermit crabs

Fire hung out with me

He hated the hammock!
Eating pandanus

 Fire says, "Which end do I eat?"
 How many takes before we get a good picture of the kids with Gene?

More than I posted here!
Fire is a crawling machine these days

Two tired and happy boys.


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