We've been attacked by staph again!  First it was impetigo for Sky last summer and then at the end of our vacation in December, she got boils.  We didn't know what they were until they'd gone away- we thought they were just bad zits.  A friend suggested that they might have been  boils and I looked it up in our home health guide and it described them exactly.  It also said that they're caused by staph. 
  Today I took Fire into the doctor for some sores that have been popping up on his head.  At first, we ignored them because we thought he'd banged his head against something but they weren't getting better and Florina said they seemed to be itchy, so into the doctor we went.  Just like when we went in for Fire, the doctor took one look at it and said, "Impetigo".  I was crushed!  The doctor said that it's nothing we're doing, that kids just get infections, and that they'll grow out of it, but I feel awful.  Why can't we keep our kids clean enough to keep away these infections?
  We're going to be more careful when we wash our hands and start using nail brushes on ourselves and the kids.  We're going to put antibacterial cream on anything that even resembles an open wound and I'm going to go over the house with an antibacterial cleaner this weekend.  Has anyone else had staph go through their house?  If so, how did you get rid of it?  


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