Making Marble Cake Not Oreos

  I was thinking about all the details of the Kemem during my run yesterday morning when the analogy of a marble cake popped into my head.  I shared it with a friend later  in the day and she completed it perfectly by comparing it Oreos.  She said that you can take Oreos apart and eat just the parts you want but a marble cake is baked all together and you can't eat just one part of it. 
  That's what we're trying to do here- take our family's American culture and the kid's Marshallese birth culture and mix it together so that it makes some super people that have both cultures swirled together in a way that makes a really great cake in their hearts.  We want Sky and Fire to be both Marshallese and American, to respect both cultures, to be comfortable in both cultures, to see the flaws in both cultures, and choose the aspects of both cultures that will suit and serve them best: marble cake, not Oreo cookies.


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