Happy Birthday Fire!

   Fire turned one over the weekend. I don't know quite how we got here- one minute he was a tiny little thing who couldn't hold his head up and ate 4 ounces at a time and now he's a really big crawling, almost walking, eating real food, and almost off of formula boy! Turning one is a really big deal here in Marshall Islands and Fire is getting three parties to celebrate. We went to one at his grandparents on Ebeye on the afternoon of his actual birthday (post coming later), Ms Florina is having one with all the maids and nannies this week, and then we're having his big Kemem next weekend. This is one loved baby! I'll leave you with a few shots from the morning of Fire's birthday: Fire chasing his sister with a toy syringe stuck on his face, 'cause that's how we roll around here!


So Big!


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