A Little Gardening on Ebeye

  Last weekend, D spent a morning on Ebeye helping out the Canvasback team working on Ebeye to install a public garden at the hospital.  They've had a lot of success with grow-box gardens on Majuro- most of the produce eaten at the Diabetes Wellness Center there was grown in the Canvasback gardens- and I'm hopeful that they can transfer that success to Ebeye.  Diabetes has had a devastating effect on our family so I'll support almost any effort to help people here avoid it.

 There is a training room at the hotel where they give cooking demonstrations and serve healthy meals.  Not only is eating healthy difficult here because of the cost of fresh produce but if you didn't grow up eating that kind of food, you're not going to know how to cook it or how to make it taste good.
Getting started

A bunch of dirt to be moved and a bunch of kids standing around watching?  D put two and two together and used his Marshallese language skills to put together this fire line to get it moved.

A grow box

The Garden

  Since D was there, they've put up a shade cloth and finished a dozen more boxes.  The hospital has hired three gardeners to take care of the boxes, with locally funded money.  I'm hopeful that the local investment of money and labor will help the people on Ebeye embrace this project.  So many ideas put into place here have failed because they weren't organic to the community -this one truly (in several, pun-ful ways) is so hopefully it will be a real benefit to the people here.


  1. How is the Project now? would like to see or hear about an update!

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