On a Boat!

 Some friends of ours are retiring soon and one of the going-away parties took the form of an evening lagoon sail on a trimaran.  D and I had been wanting to take the kids out on a boat for a while now but we always worried about their safety.  A few hours on a large, flat boat, with lots of other people around and no sailing distractions for D and I seemed like the perfect opportunity.  We took the kids down to the boat early and made sure they knew where they could and couldn't go and that they were comfortable with their life jackets.  They were both excited to explore someplace new and they both had fun scampering all over the boat.
  The seas were a little rougher than I would have liked, with lots of rocking.  I thought that I would be the one getting seasick but Fire beat me to it.  He was fine while he was sitting up and walking around but  eventually all the motion made him want to lay down (he couldn't get comfortable over my shoulder because of his life jacket) and after about 10 minutes across my lap, all his dinner came back up.  There were several buckets of sun-warmed seawater on the boat and we got him rinsed down quickly.  The poor thing had never thrown up before so besides not feeling well, he was pretty scared. 
  The rest of the sail was uneventful and we made it back to Kwaj without any other problems.  D and I have talked a lot about possibly buying a boat, either for sailing around the lagoon or sailing out of here, but this short evening sail confirmed for us that it'd probably be best to wait until the kids are older before we do.  It would have been a lot for one parent to manage to get Fire cleaned up and Sky calmed down while the other parent was single-handing the boat.  Maybe we'll revisit those boat dreams when the kids are a bit bigger and can understand being sea sick and how to avoid it.  Regardless, it was a (mostly) fun night and I loved that we had the opportunity to show our kids another way to connect with the ocean.  


 After (notice both mine and Fire's wardrobe changes)


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